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dahil alam niyang #1 antukin ako. Thank you @JadeRamos. I love you so much! k3u (at Tanamor’s Residence)

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cute lil toothpaste! #colgate (at Sta Rosa Village 1, Bgy. Don Jose, Sta Rosa City, Laguna)

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Off to Church! :)

Happy Feast Day Saint James the Greater! Defender of freedom and faith. (at St. James The Greater Parish)

always, Be HAPPY! :) (at Villa Tanamor)

NextLevel. yey! #MinionRush (at Villa Tanamor)

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Way Back 2011. :)

'cause Sunday is Family Day. :) Lunch earlier by @_maan_tanamor_ . :) (at Villa Tanamor)

lovin this game. hontoroy nia oh! :) #MinionRush #Beginner #cute (at Villa Tanamor)

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Life has so many great options but you dont have to pick what seems to be the best. Just pick what makes you HAPPY and it will be the BEST. :)) (at Villa Tanamor)

The heart wants most what the heart can't have. ♥
Living, Laughing, Loving ☺♪♫★☪
“The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.” ☮♥☺

Food Engineer in the making..
A servant of God. :))

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